Nanotechnology in power generation

Nanoscale phenomenon is increasingly evident in conventional power generation plants. Nanotechnology-based innovation is being credited with improvements in efficiency and life-spans of existing technologies, as well as the introduction of new and disruptive power-generating components. Nanotechnologies provide essential improvements potentials for the development of the conventional energy resources(fossil fuels and nuclear fuels) and the renewable energy resources(geothermal, wind, water etc.). Nanotechnology provides the multitude of approaches to energy saving examples are the reduction of the fuel consumption in automobiles through lightweight construction materials on basis of nanocomposites, the optimization in fuel combustion through increasing the wear. Nanotechnology is finding application in traditional energy sources and is greatly enhancing alternative energy approaches to help meet the world’s increasing energy demands


  • Track 1-1 Power Transmission
  • Track 2-2 Regenerative
  • Track 3-3 Energy efficient lighting system
  • Track 4-4 Break through in power generation
  • Track 5-5 Thermal Insulation

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